Citizens choose the project ‘Mollerussa + than ever’ as the winner of the consultation to reform the center. The Consistory values positively that 10% of the summoned census, between Citizens and Businesses, has proceeded to participate in the new Catalonia Process to the format.

A total of 876 people, 10% of the census of 8,740 voters convened, have participated in the popular open by the Ajuntament de Mollerussa with the aim of knowing the opinion of the neighbors on the reform of the urban center that has given as winner the proposal Mollerussa + than ever, of the group of bidders of Mollerussa represented by Cristina Clotet and composed with Esther Gatnau. THIS proposal obtained 58.44% of the votes, while in second place was Tapiz, by the Valencian Antonio López, with 28.69%, and in third place, Connecta’t, by the Barcelona firm headed by Estanislau Roca and made up of Joan f les it, Aitor Estévez and Yolanda Olmo. A total of 29 votes were blank.

The mayor Marc Solsona, accompanied by the councilman of ERC, Narciso Romano, and the Spokeswoman of PSC, Teresa Ginestà, as well as the councilmen of participation Imma Casanella and Griselda Soteras and of Urbanism, Bargalló pains, has announced the result and valued very positively the Consultative Process since a high participation has been obtained through a new system Catalonia to the format since All the Votes, so much to the telematic ones as the presential ones, have been electronic. Narcis Roma, moreover, has also indicated that today an important role has been opened in terms of giving the voice to the inside of the people because it decides on topics that matter to it. On the other hand, Teresa Ginestà, also highlighted the high participation because it is important that citizens feel as super ESTA project that will change the face of the city. The winning Proposal will serve the City Council to guide the reform of 10 Streets and squares of the central Core of the city, a reform that has planned to carry out Before June 30, 2018 with 1 Budget of 3 million euros, of which half are subsidized by the Generalitat through the Plan de Barrios. This transformation of the center includes, in addition to the Plaça Major, the Town Hall, Pla d’Urgell and Manuel Bertrand squares and adjacent squares, Catalonia avenue, Once de Septiembre street, Santa Cristina, Ciutat de Lleida, Estrella, Ponent and the Academy. From the beginning of the week, Solsona has indicated that it will begin to work with the winning team of the consultation and the technical office created for this purpose to the definition of the executive projects to transform the showcase of the city to gain in competitiveness. A project that draws a global vision of the city where the pedestrian has more prominence.

Mollerussa + than ever, which like the other two gives priority to the pedestrian ahead of the car, draws a global vision of the city from 1 green ring that runs along the Canal avenue, on the Paseo de la Salle, the north side of the railway track, the Avenida de la Paz, on the Paseo de la Sardana and the Avenida de Cataluña. It is fixed in different areas of the city. One of them is the avenue of Canal, in which without modifying the route of the car, it proposes to change the parking lot side-widening the existing sidewalk and enhancing as a walking area and bike lane role the band that touches the canal. Also in THIS avenue it points out the possibility of building a subway parking lot in an existing municipal lot between the Municipal School of Music and the San Jorge building and to leave the upper part of the parking lot at the current street level in order to provide the resulting space with a green area and integrate it with the avenue. The proposal also proposes solutions for the area of Avinguda Catalunya and Plaça de Santiago. In THIS square to eliminate part of the route of the cars, to maintain part of the parking area BUT enhancing the green area and the playground with the objective, also, to integrate it in the avenue of Catalonia, where they believe necessary to remove 1 way of circulation to make the sidewalks wider and with more trees on the north side and leave the parking on the south side. THIS modification would allow a better integration in the proposed green ring and would enhance the Plaza de Santiago, to where they propose the weekly market on Wednesday, which would maintain the SAME current circuit but relocating the stalls of the Canal Avenue that occupy from the Municipal School of Music to Domènec Cardenal street. Another important axis of the proposal is Ferrer y Busquets street, where they want to promote the north side, with trees and wider sidewalks and no parking.

From 20 to 26 February the citizens of Mollerussa and the stores in the center are called to participate in the consultation to decide between the 3 finalist projects to guide the reform of streets and squares of the urban center of the town.

The City Council promotes this participatory process that will use the platform Ekratos because voters can cast their vote electronically from ANY computer or mobile device, or in person at the offices of the City Council of Mollerussa.

This is the first time that a consultation with electronic voting allows to make 1 telematic and face-to-face voting without the need to use ballots and physical ballot box, so that all votes are deposited in the same electronic ballot box, allowing the counting of results to follow IMMEDIATELY at the closing time of the voting period, without having to wait for any paper count.

The face-to-face vote favors that people with lesser skills in the use of new information and communication technologies, can participate with equal conditions with respect to those who decide to vote telematically from their computer or mobile device.