The Catalan Corporation of Audiovisual Media has relied on blockchain technology in the union elections in Sant Joan Despí.

Last Thursday, December 1, was held telematically the election day to choose the people who will be part of the Works Committee of the Sant Joan Despí work center of the CCMA, SA.

The CCMA, the polling stations and the union sections participating in the elections agreed to use the telematic voting platform of the company éKratos Digital Services, SL, with blockchain technology, which has a digital certification mechanism that guarantees the traceability, immutability and transparency of the entire electoral process, as well as the secret ballot and the protection of personal data.

This voting method and technology have made it easier for voters to exercise their right to vote from anywhere and from any device connected to the Internet, respecting anonymity, the immutability of the vote and offering the highest level of security, transparency and traceability, resulting in an increase in the participation rate.

According to the published count, 1,250 people voted, which represents 66.67% of the electoral roll. With the result of the voting, the new Works Committee of the Sant Joan Despí work center will be formed by 11 representatives of CCOO, 4 of CTTVC, 4 of SPC and 4 of CGT.